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Study with confidence that ethics are fully integrated into your teaching.

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Leadership and ethics in a time of crisis

Access a series of free online forums from the IDEA Centre, exploring the ethical implications of leadership during crisis.

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History of ethics research group
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Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre Undergraduate

Undergraduate study

No matter what subject you study, engaging with ethical issues will be a central component of your learning.

Through our Ethics Theme Teams, our specialist staff work with staff and students to embed ethics into the teaching of a variety of undergraduate degrees including business, computing, engineering, environmental science, dentistry, and nanotechnology.

You may also have the opportunity to take some undergraduate modules from the Ethics, Religion and Law Discovery Theme or if you are studying a medicine or dentistry degree, you can apply for an intercalation year.

If you are looking for an ethics undergraduate degree, take a look at the University's coursefinder

Lifelong Learning Centre

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The Lifelong Learning Centre provides support for mature and part-time learners across the University, including advice on how to apply to university and support throughout your studies.