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Our ethicists have extensive experience of working with businesses and our consultancy services range from writing codes of conduct to ethical values surveys.

Idea ethics consultancy

Professional ethics training

Benefit from bespoke training to help you address new ethical considerations in your professional environment.

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professional ethics training
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We're working with engineers and businesses to place ethics at the heart of engineering.

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Consultancy and Training

Consultancy and training

It's easy to get bogged down when thinking about ethics. That’s why we specialise in bringing clarity and practical focus.

We help you understand the issues more quickly, and provide the tools to help you address them. From the very first meeting, we can help you clarify the problem you need to solve, and suggest practical solutions to help you move your project forward more quickly.

We also bring both academic training and extensive experience of working with businesses and professional bodies to our consulting activities - a unique combination which sets us apart from other consultants. As well as being trained in philosophical ethics, we are experienced in using a variety of empirical research techniques.

Our services

  • Producing applied research projects using a variety of methodologies.
  • Creating, reviewing or re-writing a new code of ethics.
  • Developing company value statements and helping to embed values throughout an organisation.
  • Working with leaders to disentangle ethical issues faced by an organisation.
  • Facilitating workshops to help organisations articulate their values
  • Surveys of employees or client-side audiences to diagnose existing ethical issues and investigate perceptions regarding ethics.
  • Literature reviews that pull together existing published research on ethics questions of interest.

We also offer consultancy in leadership ethics in connection to the Leading Minds research project.

Digital Learning Package for Business

IDEA has a digital learning package for businesses: Ethical Decision Making. This package has been developed in partnership with digital learning company Honeyboot and Lemon.

Ethical Decision Making is an online course that individuals can use to improve their skills in making ethical decisions. It uses interactive stories and tools to help you identify the ethical issues relevant to a decision, consider the different stakeholders and how they are impacted, check your assumptions and be able to make strong arguments to justify your decision. 

You can see a demonstration of the course and sign up for a free trial on the Honeyboot and Lemon website.


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To find out more about our consultancy and training activities, please contact Dr Jim Baxter.