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Pink and yellow version of Gustav Klmit's 'The Kiss'

Sociologist Finn Mackay and Philosopher Tom O'Shea discuss gender and romantic attraction. Followed by open discussion with the audience.

Faded pink and purple version of

Philosophers MM McCabe and Troy Jollimore ask: What is Love? Followed by an open discussion with audience questions.

Three hands clasped together

Historian Kate Lister and Philosopher Pilar Lopez-Cantero discuss the history of monogamy and break-ups. Followed by an open discussion.

A graphic image of a human and robot arm reaching out to one another about to touch fingertips.

Philosophers Brian Earp and Robbie Arrell discuss the future of love and sex. Followed by an open discussion with audience questions.

Seminar of students

Join us for an evening of medical ethics, with free drinks and food!

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