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Our professional ethics short courses are a great opportunity to further your professional development and decide whether you're interested in studying one of our Masters courses.

We're experienced in providing high-quality distance learning, and offer extensive resources, specialised support, and courses that you can fit around work and other commitments.

Applied and Professional Ethics Short Course

This course introduces you to the concept of professional ethics and some of the key issues in this area. These might include trust, integrity, duty, conscientious objection, ethical fragmentation, codes of ethics, truth and deception in professional contexts, and the interaction between the professional and the personal.

You'll also consider what it means to be a professional and the implications of this on whether professional ethics is distinct from or a specific application of ethics.

This course is available between November – January

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Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics Short Course

This course introduces you to a range of ethical issues in medical and nursing practice. These might include truth-telling, trust, confidentiality, and consent in carer/patient relationships as well as the content and stringency of the philosophical arguments that underlie these issues.

You'll also consider the role of ethical codes in a medical professional's decision-making and the justification, if there is one, to appeal to conscience in objecting to undertaking certain practices in healthcare.

This course is available between February – April

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Business Ethics: Exploring Big Data and Tax Avoidance (CPD)

We currently offer an online course in Business Ethics: Exploring Big Data and Tax Avoidance, which was developed by the University of Leeds and Future Learn.

This course is accredited by the CPD Certification Service and is taught over a two-week period.

Learn why big data and tax avoidance are some of the biggest ethical issues facing businesses today. On this course, you’ll examine the benefits and ethical challenges inherent to big data, including the issues of privacy and data security.

You will also learn what tax avoidance is and discover how globalisation is increasing the likelihood of its occurrence. This course is an excellent taster if you are considering a masters degree in ethics. 

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Peggy Baxter MA Applied and Professional Ethics

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I intend to use what I have learned about complex nuanced ethical issues involving fairness, confidentiality, privacy, professionalism, equality and diversity in my teaching role.
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