Portrait of Peggy Baxter

Peggy Baxter

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I trained as a dental hygienist, and whilst working part time I completed a four year degree in Bio-Archaeology and a Diploma in Professional Archaeology.

I then completed a teaching qualification at the University of Leeds and became a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I am now a personal tutor, research module lead and mentor in the School of Dentistry, where I have been for over 35 years.

How would you describe your experience of studying at Leeds?

I have a keen interest in developing ethical dental professions and I found the course to be demanding but very worthwhile. I had never studied philosophy before but found this aspect of the course incredibly interesting and challenging.

I enjoyed reading, debating and discussing complex ethical dilemmas online with other professionals from around the world. It was very thought-provoking challenging other perspectives and reflecting on one’s own. 

I intend to use what I have learned about complex nuanced ethical issues involving fairness, confidentiality, privacy, professionalism, equality and diversity in my teaching role.