Inclusive Robotics for a better Society (INBOTS)


The main challenge that INBOTS wants to overcome is the lack of a clear understanding and communication between all the involved stakeholders. These limitations hinder current efforts to successfully discuss and agree on the many important technical and non-technical aspects in the field.

Therefore, with the purpose of optimizing the outcomes of the coordinate and support action, INBOTS will focus mainly on Interactive Robots, which we define as any robot that is interacting in close proximity with humans. In this context, the overall objective of this project is to create a community hub that can bring together experts to debate and create a responsible research and innovation paradigm for robotics.

To this end, INBOTS provides a platform to establish a working synergy between four pillars that covers all stakeholders in Interactive Robotics: the technical expertise pillar, the business expertise pillar, the ethical, legal and socioeconomic expertise pillar, as well as the end-users, policy makers and general public pillar.

Therefore, the project strives at coordinating and supporting actions aimed at building bridges among these pillars to promote debate and create a responsible research and innovation paradigm that will potentiate EU leadership on robotics.

INBOTS CSA is relevant to the H2020 Topic ICT 28-2017: “Robotics Competitions, coordination and support”, scope a) “Non-technical barriers to robotics take-up”; b) “Standards and Regulation”; and c) “Community support and outreach”. Through a coordination and support action the INBOTS CSA consortium will build and support a strong European community based on the collaboration between all stakeholders. The project will serve as a platform for sharing experiences and accelerate the technology transfer, regulation and legislation in the field.


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