How to use this resource

Who is this site for?

If you’re new to Dante’s Commedia, or if you’ve been studying it for years, we hope you will find something in this website that is useful or interesting.

We hope that it is accessible to any reader who has an interest in Dante and his works. Knowledge of Italian is not necessary, as all quotes have been translated (although there is, of course, no substitute for the original poetry). Further, we have tried to link to other resources which will place the work in some context.

Undergraduates will also find it helpful in studying the Commedia. We hope that the site offers ways of thinking about themes that the Commedia raises, rather than offering a definitive account of its content (near-impossible, you will find). So we haven’t done all of the thinking for you: you will need to come to your own conclusions about what Dante means and how we should understand him.

Finally, teachers and lecturers may find that this resource is helpful in planning lessons, coming up with ideas for your tutorials, or providing background context for work on other poets and artists.