Hugh Davies: Electronic Music Innovator

Partners and collaborators

The Science Museum


Exploring the music and research of Hugh Davies (1943-2005), the main outputs were journal articles, a book chapter in 'The Musical Legacy of Karlheinz  Stockhausen', concerts with pre-concert lectures, an international conference, and an instrument-building residency and workshop with Anton Mobin.

Publications and outputs

Journal articles:

  • J. Mooney, “The Hugh Davies Collection: live electronic music and self-built electro-acoustic musical instruments, 1967–75”, Science Museum Group Journal (forthcoming in 2017)
  • J. Mooney, “Hugh Davies’s Electronic Music Documentation 1961-1968”, Organised Sound 20(1), 2015. 

Book chapter:

  • J. Mooney, “Technology, Process and Musical Personality in the Music of Stockhausen, Hugh Davies, and Gentle Fire” in 'The Musical Legacy of Karlheinz Stockhausen', ed. by M. Grant & I. Misch (Hofheim: Wolke, 2016). 

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