Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Student playing piano.

This degree is designed for postgraduates wishing to take their research in musicology, music psychology or music technology beyond a Masters.


You'll conduct advanced, independent research under the guidance of specialist supervisors. At the end of the degree, you'll have produced a 60,000 word thesis demonstrating a significant contribution to knowledge and scholarship, with ideas that are at, or informed by, the forefront of the discipline.


An MPhil can be taken full-time (2 years standard) or part-time (4 years standard).

Practice-led MPhil

If you want to pursue your chosen area of research through practice, we offer supervison for practice-led MPhil. You should demonstrate a distinctive practice, an originality of thinking, and an ability to place the practice in an appropriate creative/cultural context. You'll be assigned appropriate supervisors, who will guide your research.

Some proven expertise in your chosen area of research will be a prerequisite for admission.

For assessment, you will produce a body of work (such as a portfolio of original compositions) demonstrating an original contribution to knowledge and scholarship. This will comprise of a substantial body of creative practice, displaying critical understanding, together with a written submission, which provides an exploration of the research question(s) and indicates the manner in which the research is embodied in the practice.

Scholarships and fees

You may be eligible to apply for a range of scholarships and fees for research degrees are set independently and reviewed on annual basis.