Music, Science and Technology

Music as science research group

We pursue a broad range of scholarship and practice research at the intersection of music, science, and technology. Areas of study are often interdisciplinary and include music psychology, music and wellbeing, music pedagogy, music technology, musical instrument studies, sound studies, and scientific and technological perspectives on composition, performance, and musicology.

We are leaders in the field of music psychology. Our research investigates areas including musical imagery, creativity, preferences, audiences, development, identity and listening behaviours. We explore the intersections between music and wellbeing and undertake real-world research into the impact of music on physical and mental health. Our researchers actively collaborate with organisations as diverse as Opera North, the Science Museum and the National Health Service.

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Freya Bailes James Mooney
Karen Burland Emily Payne
Alinka Greasley Luke Windsor
David Ireland  

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