Higher Education Academy


In 2009, we were engaged by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) to identify a list of values, reflecting not only the organisation’s needs, given its aims, its history, structure and culture, but also the actual values held by its employees. Based on interviews with a sample of HEA employees, we were able to provide a list of key values, and to provide advice on how these values might be used to create a co-operative and dynamic culture in the organisation.

“Throughout the project [the IDEA CETL consultant] has been extremely useful both in terms of helping us develop the project and identifying appropriate methodologies, and in interpreting the results in a meaningful and practical manner.

“The project was brought in on time and to budget along with a clear set of recommendations for moving it forward. We would happily work with them again on future projects.”

Heather Jackson, Assistant Director, Finance and Corporate Services, HEA