The Professional Career and Output of Trevor Jones




The Professional Career and Output of Trevor Jones was a £570,000 research project.

Metadata relating to the digitised materials from the Trevor Jones Archive may be accessed via the ScreenMusic website created through the project. 

With a career spanning nearly 40 years, Trevor Jones is one of the most successful contemporary British-based composers of film music and is seen by peers as an influential figure in the industry. He is distinguished by the range of projects he has worked on, the directors he has collaborated with, and his development of novel approaches to the creation of film music.

His output includes scores for the groundbreaking animatronic films of Jim Henson (The Dark Crystal, 1982; Labyrinth, 1986), films with significant cultural impact such as Brassed Off! (1996) and Notting Hill (1999), and those dealing with political issues both in the UK and abroad.

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