Thomas Morris

Thomas Morris

Tell us about your year in industry

In my role as a content service support engineer, I was responsible for the diagnosis, shipment liaising and repairing of Dolby studio and cinema equipment that has developed a fault in the field.

I provided support for an international team of Dolby Sound Consultants, be it creating custom audio cabling, assisting with cinema installations or ensuring that the correct equipment that the consultant needs is working correctly and readily available. I also assisted with the weekly duplication, checking and roll-out of Dolby mastered ad-packs to cinemas all over the UK.

I was involved with the screen 2 installation of Dolby Atmos in the Wootton Bassett office. This required: testing the speakers to be used in the installation; making audio cabling specific to the equipment used and wiring the screen and surround speakers. I was also tasked with assisting at Atmos demonstration days by making sure the screening room was correctly set up to playback Atmos and that the presentations ran smoothly.

Why did you want to undetake a year in industry?

I was keen to take a year in industry because I wanted the chance to experience what it is that professionals in the audio industry have to deal with on a daily basis. I also wanted to broaden my current skill-set and get into a working mindset to prepare me for my final year projects.

What would you say to someone considering a year in industry?

I would recommend considering an industrial placement year because it is a perfect chance to get some real world experience, which employers are always looking for. It also helps you discover what you really enjoy (and don’t!) which will be a good starting point when thinking about a career.