Portrait of Nicoletta baranelli

Nicoletta Baranelli

What made you want to study your course at the University?

The course itself was a good balance of practice and theory, and the freedom that came with the course is something that I hadn’t experienced studying theatre previously. I felt completely in control of what I aimed to achieve out of my experience at the University of Leeds. 

Describe the aspects of the course that you have enjoyed the most. 

The most enjoyable module I experienced was one focused on musicals. It was the first time during my education that I was given the opportunity to explore this subject, which was something that always interested me. The module itself and also my tutor made the experience exciting and enjoyable, and I would say I learned the most out of that module. I have explored various mediums of theatre and performance. The course allows you to work as a theatre company with your fellow students, giving you skills that are invaluable to working in the theatre world.

What are you planning to do once you graduate?

Due to my involvement with the West Yorkshire Playhouse as a volunteer and performer in both the Youth Theatre and professional shows, I have secured a role as a support worker with the organisation. This role allows me to create shows with a group of talented young people from Leeds, alongside the Youth Theatre Director. I plan to keep working hard and work my way up, and even branch out to other theatres in and around Leeds.