Practice as research (PAR) group

Practice as research (PAR) group

The PAR Research Group explores how knowledge and understanding developed through practising, making and doing can be theorised, valued and shared.  The group’s approach is rooted in existing discourses around arts-based research methodologies; however, we are also searching for ways to move beyond those discourses – seeking out novel approaches and methods for considering the role of practice in developing and disseminating knowledge and understanding. Practising, making and doing are conceptualised in the broadest possible terms. We are an inclusive space that accommodates PCI’s wide-ranging engagement with performance, activism, cultural participation and global challenge.


Academic Members Jonathan Pitches  George Rodosthenous  Campbell Edinborough (PAR co-convenor)

Anna Fennemore ( PAR co-convenor)

Dani Abulhawa  Scott Palmer

Yaron Shyldkrot

 Matthew Elliott

Katie Gardner

Jenny Lawson

Jacki Wilson
PGR members Wiebke Acton Yaxin Luo