The Digital Research Group

digital research

The Digital Research Group takes an interdisciplinary approach to investigating the theoretical and practical uses of technology.  As a group we are interested in modes of engagement, sensory applications, the re-framing of policies and practices and the exploration of current and emerging forms of digital research in performance and the creative industries.  

Digital methods, processes and technologies have become a key factor in performance, innovation and cultural engagement and are central to how we experience our world. As a research group we draw on wide range of digital and creative research methods that have the potential to transform current issues both locally and globally, which are at the forefront of current research strategies both within the school and beyond

The aims of the Digital Research Group are as follows:  

  1. To share ideas, skills and knowledge of the digital in research with a core focus on performance and the creative industries  
  2. To test, play with and critique news forms of research opportunities with the focus on critically responding to the impact and value of such research. 
  3. To liaise with, advise and consult with external industry partners with the view to co-create new research opportunities that interrogate current knowledge. 
  4. To promote interdisciplinarity, collaboration and critical reflection about the ubiquity of digital practices and digital cultures 
Academic members        
Amelia Knowlson (Digital convenor)   George Rodosthenous  Katie Gardner  Hugh Brown   
Dani Abulhawa  Sarah Feinstien   Jonathan Pitches  Alix Brodie-Wray  Maria Kapsali
PGR Members          
Chunyi Wu   Tennae Maki  Vanessa Arias Bujia  Yaxin Luo   



Photo by SIMON LEE on Unsplash