The exterior of stage@leeds building.

The School of Performance and Cultural Industries is based in stage@leeds, a purpose-built, landmark building that sits at the heart of the campus.

As a student you will have access to two professional standard, publicly licensed theatres; the main space seats 180 and is equipped with the latest technologies. Stage@leeds hosts a range of performances by current students as well as visiting theatre companies and our theatre studio provides a technically advanced performance research facility. The building also houses a dance studio, dressing rooms, box office and meeting rooms. You’ll also have access to stage@leeds Green Theatre, a multi-use outdoor performance space offering a dynamic landscape for site specific performance. 

Other facilities in the School include rehearsal rooms, two black-box studios, costume construction and wardrobe stores, design studio, scenic workshop, computer aided design and video-editing and sound recording suites. 

As a theatre and peformance student you'll also have access to the wide range of theatre spaces and resources available across the university campus.

Explore our facilities 

stage one theatre

<h3><a href="http://ahc-360.leeds.ac.uk/?/school-of-performance-and-cultural-industries/stage-one/2014-stage-one">Stage One</a>&nbsp;</h3>

Alec clegg studio theatre space

<h3><a href="http://ahc-360.leeds.ac.uk/?/school-of-performance-and-cultural-industries/alec-clegg-studio/2013-alec-clegg-studio">Alec Clegg Studio</a>&nbsp;</h3>

Dance studio space

<h3><a href="http://ahc-360.leeds.ac.uk/?/school-of-performance-and-cultural-industries/dance-studio/2016-dance-studio">Dance Studio</a></h3>

stage@leeds bar and atrium space

<h3><a href="http://ahc-360.leeds.ac.uk/?/school-of-performance-and-cultural-industries/atrium-and-bar/2017-atrium-and-bar">Atrium and bar</a></h3>