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Dr Maria Kapsali collaborated with technologist Simon East and a group of second year undergraduate students in a series of workshops that explored the use of mobile phones as tools in actor training. The project concentrated on two areas: a. the way mobile phones could be used as cameras in order to develop a multi-viewpoint recording and real-time playback of actor training exercises; and b. the ways in which they can enable the production of quadrophonic sound through the actor’s movement in the space.

As such, the project explored ways of re-purposing one of the most domesticated pieces of digital technology with the aim to develop a prototypical immersive and interactive environment for actor training purposes. Although new technologies have been widely used in contemporary performance and art installations, their utilisation within studio practices is quite rare. As such, this project points towards the possibility of using a widely available technology and the potential to engage with technology in order to re-consider some of the fundamental paradigms, terms and processes of contemporary actor training.