Louis Pawlett, MA FIne Art student

Louis Pawlett

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I’m a Hull based artist who has had exhibitions in Leeds, Nottingham and Wakefield. I studied my BA Fine Art in Nottingham and then went on to study my MA Fine Art in Leeds.

What made you want to apply to your course and to Leeds?

I wanted to develop my art practice that I had started in Nottingham and develop it to the point where I would be more confident in applying for exhibitions.

Art is something that I have been passionate all my life, I grew up in a family of artists and so this only helped further develop my interests in art.

What aspects of the course did you enjoy the most?  

Using the screen printing room, laser cutter and wood workshop to create my artwork. As well as the realisation that sculpture was my main medium for my artwork, not screen printing.

The fine art workshops were great and something I used more of than at my last university. Something that really helped develop my practice as an artist.

What do you plan to do when you’ve finished your course, and how do you think the skills and knowledge you’ve developed at Leeds will help with these plans?

I plan to have some more exhibitions of my artwork, making sure to use what I have learnt on this course to maximise the potential of those exhibitions.