Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage

Sculpture with people viewing art in a gallery in a foreground

The Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage draws on its home in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies to create a dynamic environment for researching and studying museum practice at the intersection of cultural theory, history, art practice and museum and heritage studies.

Through our MA programmes, we support students to engage critically and philosophically with historic and contemporary practices of museums, galleries and heritage organisations. Through a combination of theory and practice, the programmes produce graduates who are able to develop professional careers in the museums and heritage sector whilst retaining a critical and reflexive eye on their own practice and that of the institutions in which they work.

Our vibrant research culture actively involves undergraduate, taught postgraduate and doctoral research students through research salons and conferences, reading groups, workshops, seminars and Heritage Show + Tell.

We have a strong track record of developing funded research projects which work through sustained collaboration with museums, galleries and heritage organisations. Recent projects have investigated aspects of community heritage, professional training for the sector, and the use of new technologies in heritage practice and have resulted in events, workshops and exhibitions, widely disseminated through publications and project websites.

Academic team

The Centre was established in 2009. It is currently directed by Dr Nick Cass.

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For more information, see the Centre website.