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Printing facilities in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.
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Our research

Research within the School is diverse, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary.

We provide a unique environment for research that seeks to develop and explore the relationship between theory and practice in creative practice, art historical studies, critical studies in heritage and museums, and in critical humanities.

Research groups

We have a number of established and active research centres to address our core research areas of fine art, art history, cultural studies, and museums, galleries and heritage.

The Centre consolidates and develops inter-disciplinary research on modes of critical and theoretical writing, curatorial production, editorial work and the production of text- and book-based art.

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It is the ambition of CAVE to become the foremost centre for investigations into the audio-visual within contemporary art theory and practice.

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The Centre for Critical Materialist Studies researches into the cultures and histories of capitalism.

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The Centre creates a dynamic environment for researching and studying museum practice at the intersection of cultural theory, history, art practice and museum and heritage studies.

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CentreCATH aims to produce historically-framed analyses of cultural practices that deterritorialize the current boundaries of interdisciplinary studies in the arts.

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The Centre for Cultural Studies aims to create an interdisciplinary forum for the study of cultural practices, texts and institutions, drawing on a wide range of departments and disciplines.

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The Centre houses two main branches: a research centre for Jewish visual and cultural studies; and the Antisemitism in Contemporary Culture project (supported by The Stanley & Audrey Burton Trust).

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This is the first research centre, both nationally and internationally, with a specific focus on the study of the history of the trade in both art and antiques.

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