Contested Territories: Latin America



Partners and collaborators

University of Sheffield, University of York

Postgraduate students

Beatrice de Carli (Architecture, Sheffield); Victoria Habermehl (Urban Institute, Sheffield); Melanie Lombard (Urban Studies and Planning, Sheffield); Sara Gonzalez (Geography, Leeds); Michael Janoschka (Geography, Leeds); Thea Pitman (Cultural Studies, Leeds); Nicolas Salazar Sutil (Performance and Cultural Industries, Leeds); Maria Eugenia Giraudo (Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre, York); Jean Grugel (Politics, York); Joshua Kirshner (Environment and Geography, York)


This funded project is led by Philipp Horn (Urban Studies and Planning, Sheffield), Laura Loyola Hernandez (Geography, Leeds) and Phil Roberts (Politics, York).

It will support a network of collaboration across the three White Rose universities (Leeds, Sheffield and York), linking space-based research across Urban Studies, Architecture, Geography and Performance.

The focus of the network are strategies for urban territorial contestation, and alternatives to development in contemporary Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina). Some of the themes discussed by the members of the network include: gentrification, inner city displacement, occupation, and urban resistance. PCI is involved in conducting research on performance and theatre based strategies for urban territorial contestation (street theatre, performance protest, performative graffiti art and psychogeography).


The present fund is aimed at future long-term collaboration as part of the Contested Territories project led by Michael Janoshka.

We aim to develop a partnership with Torero Film (Germany) and the Film Festival Ciudades Reveladas (Buenos Aires), to develop novel film and performative strategies for urban space contestation in Argentina.

Publications and outputs

This project builds on previous collaboration between PCI and the School of Geography, (University of Leeds), through our dedicated Research Group (Performance Geography).

Our work builds on previous funded project led by Dr Michael Janoshka (Contested Cities: Athens).Previous collaboration led to a series of performance interventions in the city of Athens including:

  • a project on street performance entitled Safety Valves: psychogeography and graffiti arts (created by PCI’s Nicolas Salazar Sutil)
  • street theatre co-ordinated by the Spanish theatre company Left Hand Rotation
  • the staging of a devised play entitled Displaced at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (with dramaturgy by PCI’s George Rodosthenous).

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