Creative Communities 1750-1830

Partners and collaborators

University of Southampton, University College London


Creative Communities, 1750-1830 is an AHRC-funded Research Network based in the School of English at the University of Leeds, in partnership with the University of Southampton and University College London. Dr David Higgins is the Principal Investigator and Professor John Whale is the Co-Investigator.

Focusing on historical case studies, the network examines how connections between members of a community, and between different communities, can enhance creativity. At the same time, it subjects those key terms to rigorous investigation. The network brings together established and early career researchers, as well as non-academic stakeholders, from a range of institutions, to debate key questions about the relationship between creativity and community.

The first phase of Creative Communities ran from October 2012 to March 2014. It included three two-day workshops with an emphasis on exploration and interaction: Dissenters and Evangelicals (Leeds) in April 2013; Metropolitan Institutions (UCL) in September 2013; and Regional and National Networks (Southampton) in January 2014. Delegates came from a wide range of academic and cultural institutions. In addition, a research seminar on ‘Imagining National Communities’ was held in Leeds in November 2013.

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