Martin Carter, BA Communication and Media student

Martin Carter

Why did you choose to study your degree at the University of Leeds?

I chose the University of Leeds as it was close to home - I'm from Leeds and a real homebody. Having such a great university close to home was really lucky. I was also fortunate to be given a bursary to help study at Leeds.

What opportunities did you take advantage of while studying here?

I undertook short internships and placements during the summer months to get more hands-on experience in social media. I was also active in the Media Society and helped organise trips to the BBC in Manchester and was active in the Union's LGBT+ Society.

How has your experience of studying this degree at the University of Leeds helped you in your career?

My degree helped me in lots of different ways. I initially wanted to go into publishing, so our media modules really helped me get an understanding of the history and culture of the mainstream press. Modules on how the cultural industries worked, and on media policy gave me a solid awareness of the types of industry and working life I was about to go into. Outside of my course, making friends from all over the world was really eye-opening for me.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying the degree you graduated in?

Everyone will tell you to make the most of it, which is great advice and Leeds has infinite opportunities to get involved with just about anything you want. But my advice would be to take it all in your stride and not put too much pressure on yourself. University is to be enjoyed, as well as to challenge you.