Global Communication

Global Communication

Our research

As communications technologies continue to advance beyond borders, the Global Communication Research Group provides a forum for critical focus on the processes, power relations and infrastructures that cut across local, regional and transnational spaces.
Key research themes include: 
•    Political economy and the structures of global communications 
•    Broadcasting, journalism and the international flow of news 
•    Mediating international conflict and crisis, including climate change and migration. 
•    Policy regimes 
•    Digital geopolitics 
•    Globalization, local identity and hegemony 
•    Development and participatory communication 
•    Representation of developing countries and development.

Impact and engagement

The Global Communication Research Group strives for impact around issues of development and participatory communication, political economy, structures of global communications, news flow, international conflict, environmental change and migration. 

With a focus on the manifestation of power relations through communication processes – including those in the rapidly evolving digital realm – group members adopt a variety of methods and approaches to produce new knowledge in this ever-expanding area of expertise. Research spans across Europe, Africa, East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, Oceania, the Global South and beyond.

Research projects

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Academic team

Professor Chris Paterson

Dr Sherine Conyers

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