Media Industries and Cultural Production

Media Industries and Cultural Production

Our research

The Media Industries and Cultural Production research group brings together researchers with an interest in empirical and theoretical works that engage with research on media production, policy and regulation.

In exploring such works, this group draws from an array of approaches, such as critical political economy, the sociology of culture and organisational studies, radical media sociology and cultural studies.

It also considers historical and contemporary issues across a broad range of industries; from film, television, music, radio and publishing; to advertising, marketing and PR; to web design, video games and digital games.

The key research themes of the Media Industries and Cultural Production research group include:

  • cultural and digital work
  • critiques of capitalist cultural production and consumption
  • the social and cultural value of symbol making in modern societies
  • the influence of digitalisation on cultural production
  • cultural and media policy, including urban and international cultural policy
  • copyright
  • public service media
  • the relationship between media industries and the environment/climate change.

Impact and engagement

The Media Industries and Cultural Production research group’s impact is developed through questions of production, policy and regulation and is particularly centred on the value of cultural labour within a variety of contexts. It has a broad impact on areas of cultural production, copyright and labour – with projects encompassing music production, artists’ copyright, gendered labour, regeneration, cities and digital production. The focus is on developing policy in relation to pressing regulatory needs and in working with a range of stakeholders from employers to practitioners.

Research projects

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Academic team

Dr Anna Zoellner

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