Nur Kareelawati Binti Abd Karim, PhD Media and Communication student

Nur Kareelawati Binti Abd Karim

Why did you choose to study your PhD at the University of Leeds?

It was a line-up of research experts in the field of creative media industries that attracted me to pursue my PhD at the University of Leeds.

What opportunities did you take advantage of while studying here?

I took full of advantage of the support that the Researcher@Library teams provided to help postgraduate researchers with skills like academic writing, data management, literature searching and citations. The research culture and environment that the University of Leeds offers encouraged me to complete my thesis.

How has your experience of studying at the University of Leeds helped you in your career?

My experience of studying at the University of Leeds improved my skills in academic writing, preparing for several research grant proposals, managing postgraduate research supervision and other academic staff with their research and publications.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering doing a PhD in the School of Media and Communication?

Follow your gut feelings. With the collegial, academic and emotional support the School offers, I would recommend first to find an expert in your research area on the website and contact them to establish a good relationship. Above all, be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for the challenge ahead!