Joanna Kania, MA New Media student

Joanna Kania

Why did you choose to study your MA at the University of Leeds? 

I wanted to find a course that would allow me to explore as many digital creative forms as possible and hopefully find out how I could turn my hobbies into a career. In comparison to others, the New Media course at the University of Leeds was offering plenty of opportunities for practical work across various digital forms while still not neglecting the theory - it was a perfect combination!

Tell us about the opportunities you took advantage of at Leeds.

I took part in many career days, degree work shows and additional lectures led by professionals working in the industry.

How has your experience of studying a New Media MA helped you in your career?

While a university degree is not required to work in the web industry, the New Media course gave me a good foundation to build my skills on, especially with the focus on user experience and accessibility. That background has been often appreciated since I started working as a front end developer and helped me a lot to push for changes that resulted in a better final product.

What advice would you give to future students?

Get as much of an additional experience as possible while still at university. It doesn't matter if it's an internship or some freelance jobs. You will need some things to put in your portfolio and CV, and while the New Media course gives you plenty of opportunities for practical work, in many cases that will not be enough to get a good job once you graduate.

Make use of what Leeds has to offer as a city. The digital community is large and active and there are many free meet ups you can attend every month, especially as a web developer. Even if the things they cover may seem too complex in the beginning, it is a great chance to learn about industry practices and gain some connections.