Klaudia Szlifińska, MA New Media student

Klaudia Szlifińska

Why did you choose to study your Masters at the University of Leeds? 

With Leeds University having one of the best media departments in the country, it was an easy choice. What ultimately convinced me, though, was how varied and customisable my course was. Depending what you were interested in, you could adjust how theoretical or practical it was and what area of digital media you wanted to focus on.

Tell us about the opportunities you took advantage of at Leeds. 

I worked freelance throughout my studies to gain experience and started a paid internship when I was halfway through my MA, which then turned into a full time job.

How has your experience of studying a Masters helped you in your career? 

This course is incredibly varied, teaching you about all the elements of digital media, from user experience, to building mobile apps. This made me a better designer, because I learnt not just how to design websites, but also how to cater for disabled people or how to make sure the project is on budget.

What advice would you give to future students? 

Take advantage of everything the course has to offer. Be open minded, try all the different things it will introduce you to, and then dive deep into those areas that interest you the most. The more work you will put into it, the more prepared you will be for your first job.

When looking for an internship, show that you are truly passionate and willing to learn. It can be a tough industry and there are a lot of unpaid opportunities out there, but do not let companies take advantage of you, always negotiate pay!