Portrait of Ellie Craig staring ahead and smiling

Ellie Craig

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m from a small town in the Midlands and hadn’t actually been to Leeds when I applied, but knew from others what a great city and university it was. I took a gap year to work and travel, then went to another university but dropped out after a few months after finding the teaching lacking and not loving the city. I was then 20 years old when I started at Leeds but it instantly felt like the right fit. From Halls to the city to the university - it just worked.

What have you been doing since finishing your studies?/What are you doing in terms of your career?

Since finishing my UG in Digital Media, I then went on to do a Masters at Leeds (I couldn’t leave) in Advertising and Design which used my skills learnt in Digital Media and morphed them into how they could be used in advertising and marketing. 

What company are you working for, what is your role, and what does it involve?

After graduating from my Masters I got a job in Chapel Allerton at a full service marketing agency called Trio Media. I started off as an account executive, where I worked on all aspects of digital marketing from web design and development, to PPC, SEO, social media marketing and more, I then moved onto working specifically in social media marketing and now I am a web design and developer. This job has enabled me to use all my skills learnt in my degree whilst finding the perfect groove for me.

Why did you choose to study your particular course? Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

 I had always been interesting in web design and development, but also the wider media landscape. Leeds Uni was one of the only unis (and especially a Russell Group) which did this kind of course. A lot of the other Russell Group universities had a more theory based rather than practical and creative approach and i wanted a course that balanced the two which is why Digital Media was perfect.

What aspects of the course did you enjoy the most?

There were such a wide range of modules to choose from that helped shape your experience. Whilst the fundamental, core modules were taught there was choice over certain modules such as promotional culture, or animation - something to suit everyone. I liked that I could shape this degree around my interests whilst also learning the core things.

What activities outside of your studies were you involved in?

Outside of my studies, I also worked as a brand ambassador for various student campaigns such as Bumble, Lookfantastic, Unidays and more. Whilst this helped with a bit of extra money, it was also experience for the career I have now and enabled me to understand more about digital marketing. I definitely recommend getting a part time job for the experience, the responsibility, the people you meet and more. If you can get a part time job in something related to your degree or the career you want to have - even better!

What would you say to students thinking about studying your course?

If you’re able to, go to an open day to really see for yourself how great this course is. If you want to speak to past students, reach out to them on LinkedIn to hear their experiences. But I can’t recommend this course enough.

What does Leeds as a city have to offer students?

What DOESN’T Leeds have to offer? Everything you’d need and more. There’s something for everyone, whether you like to go out and party, or maybe go to a exhibition, or play sport - anything you need is in Leeds, which is why I have stayed in Leeds post graduation - I love this city.