Improving Deliberation, Improving Copyright



Partners and collaborators

CREATe Copyright Centre


Primary investigator: Dr Lee Edwards (School of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science)

This project investigates how members of the public engage with a deliberative process about copyright, where they are given the time and space and a range of information to reflect on this complex issue.

We conducted a deliberative exercise which brought 88 members of the Leeds public together over one weekend to discuss the nature of copyright law, its implementation, and ways it might change.

Participants were provided with information about copyright from advocates and experts in the field and then asked to discuss key questions related to copyright duration, copyright exceptions, and copyright enforcement and penalties.

The study is underpinned by the principle that copyright policy is a matter of public interest, and as such, should be a subject of public discussion and debate, so that the eventual implementation of copyright is one that attracts a general level of agreement among all affected parties.

Publications and outputs

Edwards L, Moss G, Karvelyte K. 2017. Living Within Copyright Law: What is it, how does it work, how could it change? Project Report. Available at:

Edwards L, Moss G. 2018. Evaluating Justifications of Copyright: an Exercise in Public Engagement. Information Communication and Society. Available at: