Improving Deliberation, Improving Copyright (Follow-on Project)



Partners and collaborators

CREATe Copyright Centre, Intellectual Property Office, Ofcom


Primary investigator: Dr Lee Edwards (School of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science)

This project aims to improve copyright consultation processes.

We will work with a range of stakeholders involved in the copyright debate to co-produce a new deliberative consultation model that complements existing government guidelines and specifies how policymakers may obtain better evidence to support copyright policy.

The project is undertaken at a time of intense debate about copyright policy, following legal interventions such as the new EU Copyright Directive. In this contested environment, effective consultation is essential to achieving legitimate policy outcomes.

The project aims to contribute to improving the quality of consultations about copyright by formulating recommendations that can be applied by governments and public bodies developing policy in this area.

Dr Kris Erickson and Professor Bethany Klein are academic advisors on the project. 

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