Portrait of Ed Reiss

Ed Reiss

I am a teacher and writer. My PhD is about the British poet and critic, Geoffrey Hill – as Hill’s archive is hosted here in at Leeds there is no better place to study his work. The Brotherton Library, which houses the archive, has become one of my favourite places in the world - its Special Collections in particular are uniquely valuable.

The School of English is full of diverse expertise. My supervisor, Professor John Whale, has encouraged me to define my approach and apply myself steadily to the writing. Through detailed and constructive feedback, he helps me to clarify ideas and develop my argument.

During my time here I’ve learned from talks, readings and seminars within the School of English and beyond. I’ve attended taught courses in other subjects of interest. I’ve also enjoyed group discussions of Finnegan’s Wake and meetings of the Playhouse Lab for script-in-hand performances of English Renaissance plays.