Research and innovation

Research and innovation

We are committed to interdisciplinary research across all areas of Design from investigating the latest trends to developing new design ideas to benefit society.

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Our research

In the School of Design we bring together creativity and innovation to explore new ideas and create new products.

Alongside fundamental design and technology research, we are committed to solving real world problems and providing solutions through the use of advanced technologies, design thinking, and creativity.

Research themes

Our research is clustered into three over-arching themes bringing together a variety of research groups and projects.

Design overview design

The Design theme brings together a rich array of academic staff exploring important key themes in fashion, textile and graphic design such as design for sustainability, healthcare, food, branding and marketing.

Technology overview

The Technology theme focuses on Textile Technology and Colour and Imaging, and reflects on their global importance in a multitude of consumer, industrial and healthcare applications.

Practice as research group

The Practice as Research theme brings together critical analysis and aesthetic interpretation, examining the influence of creative practice.


Impact and engagement

Our researchers work extensively with industry to ensure our research brings the highest tangible impact to society and culture. Our impact work has four inconnected themes.

Photo of Parkinson Building, University of Leeds

Creativity, innovation, commemoration, memorialisation, revitalisation. Our academics work to enrich culture globally.

Business district

As a school consisting of designers, inventors and creators we are uniquely positioned to offer real-world, direct economic impact and critical examination of the economic effects of design.

Planet Earth as viewed from space

Environmental sustainability is a major focus for our research across the School, especially related to the textile and fashion industries.

Healthcare ethics research group

Applications of our research to improving health and wellbeing reaches from our cutting edge textile and colour technologies work, to visual communications and experience design.