Practice as Research

Practice as research group

This research theme brings critical and aesthetic enquiry into dialogue and central to this is the way that creative practice not only informs critical analysis, but also is a critical tool in itself.

There are many examples of, and opportunities for inter-related creative and critical activities. This expanded understanding of research incorporates sculpture, painting, photography, sound, film, artist books, video, print, graphics and textiles in relation to critical analysis.

Collaboration is a strength of this group and the School of Design provides a lively environment in which to develop vibrant cross-disciplinary work, this includes between the arts: visual art with music and poetry, image with text but also Art/Science collaborations.

As well as the more traditional academic formats such as roundtables, discussions, workshops, colloquia, presentations, reading groups and symposia this group favours experimental modes of presentation and creative modes of exchange and dissemination: these include performances, exhibitions and ‘expositia,’ always accompanied by academic reflection. In this regard there is the opportunity to work in collaboration with three faculty-wide institutes:

One particular speciality of this group is place-based work. This complements the work on sustainability and green Design conducted elsewhere in the School.

The group co-convenes and hosts the website of the creative practice-led research network LAND2 which offers opportunities for academics and PhD students alike. There are several research activities every year including a PhD and land2 members symposium held on alternate years at the School of Design and the University of Dundee.



Academic staff members of the Practice as Research group are: