in all staff types, Centre for World Literatures

Last name First name Phone number Email Position
Dr Alessio Baldini Baldini Alessio +44(0)113 343 2925 Lecturer in Italian Culture
Dr Jacob Blakesley Blakesley Jacob +44(0)113 343 9735 Associate Professor in Comparative Literature and Literary Translation; Co-Director, Leeds Centre for Dante Studies
Dr Rachel Bower Bower Rachel +44(0)113 343 8706 Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow
Professor Ingo Cornils Cornils Ingo +44(0)113 343 3513 Professor of German Studies
Dr Helen Finch Finch Helen +44(0)113 343 3510 Associate Professor in German
Dr Sameh Hanna Hanna Soliman Sameh +44(0)113 343 9111 Associate Professor in Arabic Literature and Translation
Hayter Irena +44(0)113 343 3415 Associate Professor of Japanese Studies
Richard Hibbitt Hibbitt Richard +44(0)113 343 3495 Senior Lecturer French & Comparative Literature
Dr Sarah Hudspith Hudspith Sarah +44(0)113 343 3290 Associate Professor in Russian
Dr Claire Lozier Lozier Claire Lecturer in French Studies (Academic)
Rebecca Macklin Macklin Rebecca Postdoctoral Research Fellow (LAHRI)
Professor Thea Pitman Pitman Thea +44(0)113 343 3521 Professor of Latin American Studies
Dr Paul Rowe Rowe Paul +44(0)113 343 3485 Senior Lecturer in French
Dr Olivia Santovetti Santovetti Olivia +44(0)113 343 3635 Associate Professor
Dr Caroline Summers Summers Caroline +44(0)113 343 3778 Lecturer in German/Comparative Translation Studies