Russian and Slavonic Studies

Russian railway track.

Russian and Slavonic Studies

The University of Leeds has a long Russian Studies tradition; our area was founded in 1918.

Whilst mindful of this tradition, we are pioneering a dynamic, 21st century approach to the subject, with a multi-media, cross-disciplinary teaching approach, led by our staff's latest research. 

We offer MA by Research and PhD in Russian and Slavonic Studies, our members of staff have special interests in:

  • 19th Century Russian literature, especially Dostoevsky and Tolstoy
  • religious and philosophical themes in 19th Century Russian literature
  • Russian popular culture
  • Soviet and post-Soviet literature and history and culture
  • Postmodernist/Postcommunist identities
  • digital culture: online media, digital art, film and animation
  • post-Soviet space as postcolonial arena
  • the media in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • the fiction of Milan Kundera.