Linguistics and Phonetics

Students using headphones at desks.

Like many UK universities, the University of Leeds gained an independent Linguistics department in the 1970s, after linguistics topics had been taught for many years in the School of English and in language departments. The Linguistics department soon expanded and merged with the much older Phonetics department to offer degrees and research programmes that give students and researchers-in-training a solid grounding in the scientific study of language and speech.
We are active members of Language at Leeds, an interdisciplinary centre for language research, and we host the Leeds Child Development Unit.
We offer MA by Research and PhD programmes and our research specialisms include:

  • Discourse analysis
  • Formal linguistics 
  • Language acquisition
  • Language documentation
  • Language pedagogy
  • Language processing
  • Language variation
  • Multilingualism
  • Multimodality
  • Speech production and perception