Portrait of Monchutha phumsatitpong

Monchutha Phumsatitpong

I finished my undergraduate from Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University and I was majored in Chinese. I was working as a secretary to the Director of the Software Department at Huawei, which is one of the biggest multinational companies based in Thailand, before I decided to further on my Master Degree in Leeds. I enjoyed working at Huawei however I felt that I still lacked a knowledge of business because what I studied during my undergraduate was only about languages, therefore I decided to further on my Master Degree. My family business is about cosmetics and I wanted to gain some knowledge about business to adjust to my family business.

MA Chinese and Business at Leeds is a very interesting programme which allowed me to study both Chinese and business at the same time. Finally, China's industry and economy is growing at all time, therefore I thought it would be great if I could gain some more knowledge about how to deal business with Chinese people. Many of my friends said that Leeds was a good place to live and study.

I truly enjoyed my Chinese class on this program because I got to study with undergraduate students and most of them are British. It's very interesting to see Western people speaking Chinese and being passionate about Eastern culture.

The Language Centre at the University is very useful for me as a student who studies languages. I can borrow some DVD's or find a language partner to practice my Chinese. Also, VLE on the Leeds portal is very convenient for me to download all the learning documents on my iPad.  It helps me to follow the lecturer in class easier.

Leeds is such a good place to live and study. It's not that big compared to big cities like London or Bangkok, where I came from. However, Leeds is also not that small.  All the shops and supermarket are located in the same area which is only 15 minutes walk from my accommodation. I can buy anything I want from Leeds city centre even some ingredients for cooking Thai food. The most suprising thing about Leeds for me was the UK weather. I came from a country where the weather is always hot and humid. When I got to Leeds, I was very surprised with the weather here since there is a possibility to have four seasons in one day.  It can be a very sunny day but suddenly it's just raining.

MA Chinese and Business is an amazing program for anyone who looking for a course that provided both Chinese classes and business classes. You will get to study Chinese in various aspects even though you only know a little bit of Chinese. At the same time, you will gain a lot of new knowledge about business, particularly on dealing business with China. You will definitely enjoy this course! Now I have graduated Iworking with my family business in Thailand. This programme allowed me to gain a lot of new knowledge and experience which will be truly useful for my career path. I hope I can use my business knowledge from this course to expand and dealing business with Chinese people in the future.