Lactam based biofilm-ready surfaces with cross-industry applications


Hygiene in homecare, paper and marine industries is increasingly challenging. Home, industrial, hospital and marine surfaces are constantly challenged by microbial contamination.

Current anti-microbials such as metals and quats present environmental and toxicological risks, are of limited efficacy on biofilms, whilst presenting a risk of increasing microbial resistance. Bioderived lactams disrupt quorum sensing during biofilm growth and development apparently without driving resistance.

Recent feasibility work demonstrated the potential of lactams as anti-biofilm coatings on textiles (TSB132177). To date, their efficacy as active ingredients in liquid products is limited due to bioavailability and formulation hurdles. Using diverse application techniques during manufacture and finishing, lead analogues will be localised on wipes, paper, marine, and other industrial surfaces.

The project will build a business case and recommend efficient incorporation chemistry and process route for cross-industry surface biofilm disruption based on cost, efficacy and robustness. Successful demonstration of application will fast track lactam commercialisation allowing market share and revenue gains for industrial partners and IP and publication monetisation for ROs.

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