3D Weaving Innovation Centre

Picture of the 3D Weaving Innovation Centre

About us

In 2018 we launched our multi-million pound 3D Weaving Innovation Centre. The Centre, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, aims to expand our research in the area of textile technology,  by developing advanced 3D woven structure prototypes for a wide range of sectors from fashion, healthcare to aerospace. We will also work closely with local businesses SME’s in the Leeds City Region to support them to find innovative and creative methods to produce 3D woven structure materials as well as helping them to identify new commercial opportunities for 3D wovens.

The Centre has a new state of the art jacquard multi-shuttle loom, together with dobby power weaving technologies; supported also with CAD handlooms. This new investment places the School of Design as a leader in 3D Weaving technology, design and production.


Funded courses for local businesses 

We are offering a number of fully-funded practical sessions for professionals working in the textile and design industry in the Leeds region, providing an opportunity to explore innovative techniques in weaving technology. You'll have the chance to work with our specialist staff in the 3D Weaving Innovation Centre over a period of five sessions to explore opportunities for development and innovation and you'll produce a product prototype. You'll develop new skills and gain practical knowledge which you can take back to your own place of work.

An example, of the sessions on offer is shown below. We’re currently offering bespoke sessions for businesses, for more information about this opportunity please contact Dr Lindsey Talor.

Session Content Duration

Session 1 

3D Weaving Workshop

  • Introduction to the 3D Weaving Innovation Centre, followed by hands-on developing for production:
  • De-constructing and re-constructing a 3D woven
  • 3D to 2D to 3D construct process for on-loom engineering
  • Manual and CAD cross-sectional weave architecture basics for warp and weft engineering on- and off- loom
  • Production principles for resolution of design for the Mageba-Staubli
4 hours

Session 2

 In-house company workshop

Information to be accessed to support an existing product/problem or a new to firm/market product you would like the 3D Weaving Innovation Centre to research and develop.

1 hour

Session 3

Product, prototype, design and technology

(Requirements meeting)

3D  woven idea for one or more discussions via:

  • Skype
  • Email
  • Company visit
  • Meeting at the 3D Weaving Innovation Centre
1 hour

Session 4 

 3D Weaving Innovation  in-house

Work with the Innovation Centre team to develop and generate design for producton 5 hours

Session 5

Delivery of prototype "the future"

Meeting at 3D Weaving Innovation Centre to receive prototype and design technology production information

5 hours