Dr Lindsey Waterton Taylor


My research has evolved from: PhD, 3D Woven Structures for Advanced Textile Composites(2002-2005); industrial experience; First Class(Hons)(2002) specialising in multilayer-multilevel wovens; focusing on the aesthetics of X/H/I beams for interiors.

Pushing the boundaries of conventional weaving technologies, weaving principles and integration of numerous layers and levels within a constructed woven form enables shaping of woven forms on loom during the weaving stages. This shaping entails the translation of three-dimensional (3D) geometries into a two dimensional (2D) folded form in the on-loom state, similar to paper engineering. The successful forming of the 2D on-loom state woven into a 3D form meeting the original 3D geometries is possible through consideration of the weaving technology and associated production principles and parameters.

The tailoring of the two directional yarns, warp and weft (0/90o) in the preparatory stages in a multilayer multilevel cross-sectional weave architecture within CAD (and manually) allows the yarns to be tailored to achieve the 3D-to-2D-to-3D woven integral form.  

Interest in various textile construction processes/methods together with weaving allows the scoping of alternative integrated interlocking-interlooping yarn formations. The design methodology behind the multilayer multilevel constructed textiles are informed by natures combined patterns-aesthetics, movement and structural mechanisms; combining functionality/performance with aesthetics.  

The utilisation of a design methodology, aesthetics in relation to locality, application, longevity and production for functional/performing woven constructions fuses together: design, science, technology, engineering-manufacturing; thus permitting innovative solutions to engineering problems.

This approach was explored and successful in the completion of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project between the University of Manchester and a local SME.The KTP concluded in the development of thermoplastic multilayer multilevel 3D wovens for automotive applications.


  • Programme Leader, BA Fashion Technology
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