Holly Nuttall

Holly Nuttall

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Choosing Leeds

When choosing which degree to study, I wanted to have transferrable skills in case my career interests at the time changed somewhat and I, therefore, was particularly interested in studying at a Russell Group University which I believed would give me a wider skill set which could then be implemented in a range of workplaces and roles. 

My course experience 

The School of Design and particularly my course focused on the theory and business side of fashion, which is where my interests lie, opposed to the design area like I had found at other universities with the same course. It was important to me that I wasn't studying design, with a little bit of marketing integrated to the course but that it was an immerse marketing and business-focussed course.

I have gained a wide range of practical skills in photoshop, in:Design, presentation skills and visual layout. 

My dissertation explored the topic "Assessing consumer awareness of transparency, and intended behaviour response to an increased provision of transparency information"I have found the final year project to be challenging but rewarding and I believe due to the amount of research necessary for my final project and dissertation, I have become extremely knowledgeable in specific areas and found great interest and passion. 

My final major project is a new brand and service provision titled Rise. Rise is a social media application aimed at 16-25-year-old individuals who are opinionated, vocal or within the activist community and who advocate change and bettering the environment and society that we live in. Rise connects like-minded individuals through a series of 'beams' which are essentially user-generated threads of topics of conversation that is important to themselves or a community. On these threads, users chat, share information, meet and discuss ways in which they can come together as a community to make a difference.

The Fashion Forum careers sessions allowed me to listen to talks by industry professionals within a variety of sectors and learn more about their job role, experience and career path and many were interesting and appropriate to my interests.