Andrew Bays

Andrew Bays

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I came to visit Leeds on an open day and fell in love with it. I really liked the spaces within the School of Design also.

Some tutors have given good advertising/marketing insights that I wouldn't look into as a graphic design student, which I assume comes from their industry experience. Research is heavily promoted by all tutors, and I think for good reason, I've learnt that diving to the causes of a problem through research can inform design far better than surface-level visuals or styling.

Support staff have been very considerate through my time here, and sometimes I'm surprised that staff I've met just once remember who I am, most staff are friendly and happy to chat. I've found my range of tutors during my time here to be inspiring and insightful.

This course has given me a lot of digital skills and software literacy, various print formats (e.g. screen printing, risograph), photography. The push to create a portfolio and CV before my year in industry and after has made me realise the importance of creating a new portfolio and CV when on the search for new work. I've also built my confidence in my own design and abilities to lead groups greatly since coming to Leeds.

My final project is a series of 3D animated videos promoting a high-end fashion company that I've also created the branding for. Challenges have been learning how to use the software, although I'm enjoying the challenge at the same time as I feel that my best design work is created outside of my comfort zone I'm looking forward to the degree show very much as I'm the project manager and lead designer for it, it's been good fun working as a team and learning how to lead a project.

I have secured a job from my year in industry working as a junior graphic designer for a creative agency. I love it there, although I'm still looking for jobs in design studios as I feel I'll progress more as a designer if I move somewhere new.