Bachittar Singh in Printwork studio

Bachittar's experience

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My background 

I grew up in Handsworth, Birmingham and I’m from an immigrant family of Indian origin.

Art and Design has always been fascinating to me. Growing up I read a lot of graphic novels and played a lot of video games. After I decided to be a designer of sorts, I found the joy in the craft, experimenting with different media, sizes, materials, textures and processes; these are what makes me passionate about design.

My course experience 

I most enjoy the printmaking. When I tried printmaking in the School of Design studio for the first time, I knew that’s what I wanted to specialize in. Richard, the technician, was a big inspiration to me, he showed the process of making a plate and designing the print for different printing presses. The sheer amount of different marks that can be made can tell a story while reflecting the process at the same time. I loved the freedom of it all. After five studio print projects at Leeds I knew I wanted to pursue print making forever.

My placement year 

I completed my placement year in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and I found so much joy in everyday life there. I met some amazing people, some I would even consider family now, especially the gallery owners who I work for. They treated me like family from day one and took care of me and made sure I took the most from this placement. I learnt a lot from working as an illustrator in an art gallery. I was also given the space to work on my own personal development in printmaking which was spectacular. The whole experience has given me memories I will cherish forever.

Here at the University of Leeds, the people are so friendly and open minded. Plus the town is lovely, it has so many events and things going on, you can feel the youthfulness in the city