Simran Kurani

Simran's experience

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Choosing Leeds

After studying fashion designing for four years and working for two of the most distinctive brands in India, I realised that the tasks I could put myself forward for were limiting and guarded.

The sense of design without a background of its business aspects is like aiming in the dark, hoping to get it right.

MA Advertising & Design starts and ends as a symbiotic dichotomy. It was important for me to expand my visions yet stay close to what I have been passionate about. The design and business modules complement each other not only in studies and assessments but also in their applications. All of the modules from this course lead up to having jogged both sides of the brain and therefore I thought it was the right course for me. 

My course experience 

The course, in its entirety with the combination of the two amazing schools, is wholesome and everything I could have hoped for in order to direct a career towards advertising.

The teaching staff so far have been very thorough in their knowledge that it is hard to see them without their previous experiences. They are passionate about their research and it comes across as more of a knowledge-sharing experience for the students than teaching because of it.

While when they are experienced, they find ways to give us industry-insights and trends that otherwise, would have been quite impossible to get a taste in an educational setting.

Teaching here is definitely influenced by their research and industry experience and it shows in how we are much more equipped with present-knowledge than just the textbook-one.”