Xiaoxiao Qin in the Graphic Design studio

Xiaoxiao Qin

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Choosing Leeds

Prior to studying at the University of Leeds, I worked as a corporate marketing professional and designer with international companies in the creative industry for 6 years before I came to Leeds. I have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in applied linguistics.

The University of Leeds has a high reputation of best-quality education and one of the most vibrant multi-cultural campuses in the UK. The School of Design is ranked the 5th best institute for Art and Design nationwide. I know a few designers who studied at the School of Design in Leeds. Most of all, I am very interested in all the subjects listed on the programme's website. The theoretical studies and research are exactly what I was looking for. When I worked as a corporate professional marketer and designer, I had a lot of practical design experiences; however, I wanted to take my design to the next level, and a systematic study of design theories could help me to achieve the goal.

My course experience 

The supervisors and the programme leader are keen to help students whenever needed. My lecture content includes up-to-date research and techniques of a high industry standard. I am informed with useful learning resources which can help us further explore any topics that I am interested outside of lectures.

Most of all, all the staff are very friendly, and they genuinely care about the student's wellbeing. I am encouraged to share any of my concerns, be it academic or personal, with my personal tutor. I am deeply motivated by the positive atmosphere in our class.

There is a small library for MA Design students in our classroom. All the books are carefully selected by our supervisors and the students are given access to the library when there is no class. Constructive feedbacks are provided to every assignment I submitted.

One of the supervisors is particularly responsible for technical support. If I have any questions regarding how to use software to realise my design ideas, he is ready to help. All the technicians from the studios are professional and patient. They will guide me to use the facilities to produce prototypes of my work.