Anushan kanapathippillai

Anushan Kanapathippillai

“I moved to the UK from Sri Lanka when I was 5 years old and ever since then I’ve balanced my life from both a British and Sri Lankan culture. But all my life I’ve been in England I’ve always wanted to do something creative. It was not until my A-levels I really enjoyed studying marketing and also the element of creating.

I joined my course in advertising and marketing at the age of 18, but I felt it lacked any elements of design or creativity and it was too business-focused. This course was tailored for advertising in bringing the elements of design and creation to business. It also gave the opportunity to learn new skills which is something that is very important in higher education. 

My tutor and course leader is very supportive, always responds to any queries straight away and genuinely cares about the students. My career meetings with him are always very clear and it has helped me choose my career path in so many ways. The classes are very good at guiding us towards the right task and very engaging the learning. We also got some great practical classes in learning photography, photoshop, in design, and editing which was of great help and has guides and improved my skills.

Now I'm working on finding an internship in an advertising agency such as  TBWA. In the near future, I'd like to be a Creative in a creative team to keep sharing my ideas and make them down to earth.”