Student Grace Robinson

Grace Robinson

What made you want to apply to BA Fashion Technology and the University of Leeds?

I knew the course would stand out as something different on my CV and I would learn material that went a step further than simply ‘Fashion’, a factor that again would help me stand out in interviews as I would have a greater understanding of the science behind clothes. This would give me a higher appreciation to the quality behind garments. A skill, that could be translated and advantageous in many different job roles. As well as this, the course was a unique opportunity to take advantage of the school of designs facilities such as the lab.

What aspects of the course have you enjoyed the most so far?

I have really enjoyed the practical side of the course, such as product development.

Have you found the mentoring scheme useful, and if so how has it helped you?

The mentoring scheme is extremely useful, as it’s a great opportunity to get inside knowledge from an industry expert. This can help not only in preparation for interviews but also is a great way to bring context to the course material and a chance to see how what you are being taught is relevant to industry.

What would you say about Leeds as a city for students?

Leeds is one of the most fun cities for students. The student community is so big and there are so many things to do and people to meet. It really feels like you are part of something. As a student in Leeds you will never be bored. Also, as the city and students are so diverse, there's so many interesting places to go and styles to explore, making the city a very ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ city, where individuality is celebrated.

How did you find the facilities available to students in the School of Design?

The school of design is amazing, not only for the way it looks but from what is available as well. The design studio is equipped with loads and various sewing machines and the Mac computer suite is perfect for doing projects.

Where are you completing your industrial placement?

I am currently completing a year placement with Nike in the Netherlands.

What would be a typical day on your industrial placement?

Working for Nike, no day is the same and there truly is no ‘typical day’, it is always packed with lots of interaction and team work. Everyday you can expect to be speaking to lots of different people from various departments, as every job is always tackled with a team and creative mindset.

What are you enjoying about your industrial placement?

I love working for such a young and innovative company. Also working for such a big brand, its so amazing to see the inside knowledge of how to become and maintain being the leading brand.

What help did you receive when preparing for your placement?

I received a lot of hands on help with writing my CV in terms of what to include and how to set it out. This attention to detail I believe defiantly is what helped me get noticed by Nike. In addition, when looking for a placement, I was recommended countless companies to apply to, which was extremely helpful.

What advice would you give thinking of applying to your course?

I’d say although ‘Fashion Technology’ is science based, don’t be off put by this. There is plenty of opportunity to explore the more creative and marketing side of the fashion industry through other compulsory modules that you complete being part of the school of design. Fashion Technology is a great opportunity to explore lots of different aspects of the industry.