Alison Levy

Alison Levy

Why did you choose to study Textile Design at Leeds ?

I don’t think there has been a greater time to study Textiles than today. The digital age has provided so many exciting opportunities for designers. From digitally printed fabrics to smart textiles which react to changes in the environment - designers are finding more and more ways to create textiles which are sustainable and tailored towards our individual needs. Textile Design is such an incredibly broad subject that there’s always something exciting to learn about! During my time at university I’ve had the opportunity to study topics including historical textile design, sustainable textiles for fashion, 3D printed textiles for healthcare and much more!

A key reason for applying to Leeds was because of the opportunity to undertake a year in industry or year abroad. This is something I always knew I’d want to do. It was also important to me to find a course which incorporated both academic modules as well as practice-based modules, and Leeds is one of very few places which offers this option! There’s no end to activities happening in the city and on campus. Leeds has so much to offer in terms of culture - from art galleries to music events and food festivals! There’s something for everyone in Leeds, no matter what your interests are!

What have you most enjoyed about your course?

The most enjoyable aspect of the course for me was the independent research dissertation in final year. This was an opportunity to do something completely different from my usual practical work, and I ended up using 3D printing software to create sensory textiles for people with dementia in a care home!

How did you find your Year in Industry?

My year in industry was one of the best years of my life so far. Not only did I get to Live in Sweden, France and Scotland, but the skills I gained helped me so much in my final year, and to this day some of my designs are still being sold in shops around Europe!

What are you planning to do after your degree?

Now that I’ve finished university, I’ve started applying to graduate print design jobs in both fashion and interior textiles. Although I know it’s a competitive industry, I believe that my industry placements as well as the digital skills gained at university will help me to stand out against other applicants.

Textiles is a competitive industry to get into, and I think that having that year of experience under your belt definitely gives you an advantage over other graduating textiles students!

Do you have any advice would you give to people thinking of applying BA Textile Design?

Be prepared to work like you’ve never worked before! Textiles is an incredibly time-consuming degree, so you must be passionate about it if you want to enjoy it!